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Chef & Founder

Chef Zivko Radojcic was born in Belgrade, Serbia.

The restaurateur comes from a long line of professionals in the world of gastronomy, including his great aunt who was a pastry chef to Josip Broz Tito, the first President of Yugoslavia.

Smitten with his country’s culinary history and spirit, all those ingredients fresh from the farms, and all that soulful and tasteful food, it was only natural for him to set out on a search for bold new techniques and inspiring challenges. Zivko moved to New York City in 2010. He began honing his skills under the guidance of chefs with Michelin star backgrounds. Over the years, he has managed to acquire the diligence, discipline, and the necessary drive one needs to run a kitchen and he continues to pursue new ideas and develop his creativity with every new day.

He enjoyed working in several distinctive restaurants, including Geisha, Jung Sik, Picholine, Eleven Madison Park, Daniel, Juni, and Contra.

If you love food and need a private chef for a dinner party at your home or another form of group dining or private catering at your chosen location in NYC, CT, NJ, Hamptons or surrounding area he’s your man. If you have tasting menu ideas, he can make them come alive, and if you don’t, he can step in and create a personalized Mediterranean – inspired dinner party menu.

Chef Zivko has recently won the cooking competition ”CHOPPED” season 46, episode 17 ”Booza blues”.

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The original meaning of loza [ˈlozə] is grapevine. Loza also came to mean grape brandy. But the word has another derived meaning: family lineage. Much like on an actual grapevine, sprouts or branches of a family tree shoot up from the roots. This establishes an eternal bond between ancestors and descendants. Our present and future are both inextricably intertwined with our past. When we untangle the sprouts, we see beautiful patterns emerge.

A grapevine derives support from climbing along a surface, and as long as it twines and sprawls unrestrained, it grows. The family heritage that is passed down from one generation to the next is much the same. And for the Loza team, this heritage revolves around an endless, passion-driven pursuit for gourmet food.

For chef Zivko, Loza was a logical choice of name. It is his way of paying tribute to roots and capturing the spirit of the pursuit for culinary endeavors, celebrating his family heritage, and continuing what is a decades-long tradition.


Our mission is to bring a piece of our heritage, a mixture of the Balkan and Mediterranean cuisine to the New York City scene, and give people a chance to discover a yet undiscovered cuisine in the best possible way.


Our vision is to delight our customers through delicious, meals and give them an extraordinary customer experience while working toward the greater good for our community and environment in a forward-thinking manner.


– Hospitality
– Authenticity
– Creativity
– Consistency
– Respect

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