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We create an experience not just the class. Learn how to cook from scratch with quality ingredients.

Experience the joy of cooking with our private cooking classes

At LOZA, we believe that cooking is not just about preparing food but also about enjoying the experience. Our classes are designed to teach you how to cook from scratch using fresh ingredients while having fun and creating memories. Bring home new skills and delicious recipes.

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Learn all the secrets from a master chef

Whether you’re a beginner or looking to improve your skills, there’s no better way to elevate your cooking game than learning from a master chef.

With LOZA’s chef Zivko Radojcic, you’ll not only learn how to use ingredients to make masterpieces, but you’ll also gain invaluable insights and tips from a pro.

Join us for an unforgettable experience that will take your culinary skills to the next level.


Cook like a pro, anywhere you want

Whether you prefer a one-on-one or group lesson, our cooking classes offer the flexibility to learn at your desired location.

With ingredients from local farms and expert guidance, you’ll be cooking like a pro in no time. Don’t settle for just any cooking class—experience the difference with LOZA.

Experience our cooking classes

Customized Culinary

Crafted cooking classes designed to suit your taste
preferences and dietary needs.

Award winning
Chef Guidance

Learn all tips and tricks behind the recipe.


Our team can teach you over 500 recipes

through Food

Discover the cultural and historical significance of each dish, adding depth to your cooking experience.

Seasonal and
Local Emphasis

Highlight the beauty of fresh, locally sourced ingredients in your creations.


Explore artistic plating techniques to make your dishes visually appealing.


Arrange classes at your convenience, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable learning experience.

Day to

We promise a great time, enjoyable and fun moments that you will remember forever.


Discover the secrets to world-class cuisine

Expand your culinary horizons and learn the secret ingredients behind all those mouth-watering specialties from around the world. Our cooking classes provide a unique experience that goes beyond just learning how to cook.
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Please note that we do only private cooking classes at your location (home or venue). If you don’t have or don’t want to use your kitchen space we can help you find one to rent. We work with a few venues in Manhattan.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I customized my cooking class?


    We often customize your cooking class to meet your specific preferences and goals. Here are some ways you can customize your class:


    1. Menu Selection:

    You can choose the specific dishes or cuisines you want to learn about and cook during the class.

    2. Skill Level:

    Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cook, your class can be tailored to match your skill level.

    3. Ingredients:

    If you have dietary restrictions or preferences, you can discuss ingredient substitutions with the chef.

    4. Techniques:

    If there are specific cooking techniques you’re interested in mastering, you can request to focus on those.

    5. Duration:

    You can choose the length of the class, whether it’s a few hours or a full day.

    6. Group Size:

    Depending on the setting, you can book the class for 2 persons up to 40 people.

    7. Location:

    You can decide whether the class takes place in your own kitchen or another venue.

    8. Special Occasions:

    If you’re celebrating a special occasion, the class can be tailored to that theme.

    9. Learning Style:

    Let the chef know if you prefer hands-on learning, demonstrations, or a combination of both.

    10. Focus Areas:

    If there are specific culinary topics you’re curious about (e.g., knife skills, plating techniques), you can request to cover those areas.

    What to expect at my cooking class?

    We arrive 2 hours before the event to set up everything in your home or venue.

    During and after the event, we take care of all the cleaning, so you can enjoy your time with your guests, friends, or co-workers.

    We provide:

    1. Hands-on Experience:

    You’ll have the opportunity to actively participate in preparing dishes rather than just observing.

    2. Recipe Cards:

    Receive printed or digital recipe cards to take home and recreate the dishes later.

    3. Kitchen Safety:

    Get insights into proper kitchen safety practices and sanitation guidelines.

    3. Multi-Course Meals:

    Some classes might focus on creating multi-course meals, teaching you the art of creating a complete dining experience.

    4. Time Management:

    Gain insights into efficient time management while preparing multiple dishes.

    5. Memorable & fun Experience:

    Expect to have a memorable and enjoyable experience that enhances your passion for cooking.


    What are the prices of your services?

    Our cooking class pricing varies depending on several factors such as class duration, type of cuisine, level of customization, and whether it’s a private (2 – 10 people) or group class (11 – 40 people). We believe in providing a personalized and valuable experience tailored to your preferences and goals. Our prices are reflective of the high-quality ingredients, expert guidance, and hands-on learning you’ll receive during the class. To provide you with accurate pricing details, we encourage you to get in touch with us and share your specific requirements. This way, we can create a customized cooking class package that meets your needs and expectations. Rest assured, we are committed to offering a memorable and enriching culinary experience that is worth every penny.

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