Learn how to make Chef’s favorite brunch restaurant dishes influenced by his childhood.

Poached eggs
Creamy polenta, Brussels sprouts, bacon sauce

Truffle mushroom croque madame


Steak and eggs with Hollandaise sauce
Creamed spinach


Blueberry pancakes
Lemon ricotta, Maple syrup

Schedule and what to expect

  1. Introduction
  2. Knife skills
    • Slice bread
    • Slice mushrooms
    • Slice garlic
    • Cut tomato
    • Cut cucumber
    • Cut brussels sprouts
  3. Make bechamel
  4. Make bacon sauce
  5. Make Polenta
  6. Make lemon ricotta
  7. Make pancake butter
  8. Make hollandaise
  9. Poach eggs
  10. Grill steak
  11. Make pancakes