Attend the best brunch cooking classes at Loza

Brunch: a delightful combination of breakfast and lunch, a culinary experience cherished by everyone. It’s a time for leisurely gatherings, indulgent treats, and the perfect excuse to sip mimosas before noon. But what if you could take your brunch skills to the next level? Enter brunch cooking classes – the ultimate way to master the art of brunching.

In recent years, the popularity of cooking classes has increased, and brunch-themed sessions have emerged as a favorite among culinary enthusiasts. With Chef Zivko you will have the opportunity to learn from a professional, hone your culinary techniques, and discover new recipes that will dazzle your brunch guests.

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Chef Zivko's Favorite Brunch Dish

One of the most exciting aspects of brunch cooking classes is the sheer variety of dishes covered. From classic staples like eggs Benedict and fluffy pancakes to inventive creations like avocado toast variations and gourmet frittatas, there’s something for everyone. Participants can expect to learn the art of poaching eggs to perfection, mastering hollandaise sauce creation, and crafting the fluffiest, most Instagram-worthy pancakes. These are brunch options most professional chefs will offer. However, with Chef Zivko, you will also have an opportunity to learn the brunch options from his childhood.

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Here is an example:

Starter dish:

  • Poached eggs
  • Creamy polenta
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Bacon sauce 
  • Truffle mushroom croque madame
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  • Steak and eggs with Hollandaise sauce
  • Creamed spinach


  • Berry pancakes
  • Lemon ricotta, 
  • Maple syrup

Preparation and Execution

With Chef Zivko, you will learn to prepare everything thoroughly before you start working on the dishes:

  1. Introduction
  2. Knife skills
    • Slice bread
    • Slice mushrooms
    • Slice garlic
    • Cut tomato
    • Cut cucumber
    • Cut brussels sprouts
  3. Make the bechamel
  4. Make bacon sauce
  5. Make Polenta
  6. Make lemon ricotta
  7. Make pancake butter
  8. Make hollandaise
  9. Poach eggs
  10. Grill steak
  11. Make pancakes

Where is the actual magic in brunch cooking classes?

It’s not just about the food – brunch cooking classes are also a social affair. Whether attending with friends, or family, or flying solo, Zivko’s classes provide the perfect setting to connect with fellow food enthusiasts, swap cooking tips, and share stories over a delicious meal. It’s an opportunity to bond over a shared love of food and creativity, all while expanding your culinary repertoire.

Moreover, brunch cooking classes offer a hands-on learning experience that goes beyond simply following a recipe. Participants get to roll up their sleeves and dive headfirst into the culinary process under the guidance of seasoned professionals. From knife skills to presentation techniques, attendees can expect to walk away with practical skills that will serve them well in their kitchens.


Mastering new cooking skills

Perhaps the greatest allure of brunch cooking classes is the sense of empowerment from mastering a new skill. There’s something incredibly satisfying about transforming a handful of ingredients into a brunch spread that rivals anything you’d find at a trendy cafe. Whether hosting a small gathering or treating yourself to a solo brunch feast, the confidence gained from these classes is invaluable.

So, whether you’re a seasoned home cook looking to expand your repertoire or you are eager to elevate your weekend gatherings, consider signing up for a brunch cooking class at Loza. With a dash of creativity, a sprinkle of culinary expertise, and a pinch of camaraderie, you’ll be brunching like a pro in no time. After all, life’s too short for mediocre brunch – it’s time to turn those weekend mornings into culinary adventures worth savoring.