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Get A Taste of España in Spanish Cuisine Cooking Class at Loza

Join our Spanish Cuisine Cooking Class and experience the joy of cooking with LOZA! More than 500 food lovers have already experienced our culinary adventures and learned different national cuisine basics from the award-winning chef Zivko and his fully dedicated team. It’s your turn now!

Have you ever dreamt of mastering the art of Spanish cooking and making traditional Spanish staples to perfection? Do you want to serve dishes that pair well with Sangria or Tinto de Verano? Or do you just want to have fun and enjoy Spanish cuisine preparation with your friends? Look no further! Gain the necessary cooking skills and make unforgettable memories!

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Let us tell you why you should book a Spanish Cuisine Cooking Class at Loza. You might have heard that successful cooks usually keep their most important culinary secrets to themselves. Well, it’s quite the opposite with our chef Zivko. He’s always more than happy to share his extensive professional background and knowledge with his team and other food enthusiasts who join these interactive classes – all of this while having a lot of fun and enjoying a friendly atmosphere. That is what distinguishes our cooking classes from all the others. Come and see for yourself!

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Spanish Cuisine Cooking Classes Guided by Chef Zivko

Zivko Radojcic comes from a long line of professionals in the world of gastronomy, including his great aunt who was a pastry chef to Yugoslavian President Josip Broz Tito. This is where Zivko finds many interesting family anecdotes he will share with you, along with a lot of positive energy, and valuable culinary tips and tricks.

The affirmation of his work, after honing his skills under the guidance of chefs with Michelin-star backgrounds, came with winning the competition in one of the episodes of the cooking television game show Chopped. Learning from this award-winning culinary expert is a privilege you shouldn’t miss.

If you’ve visited restaurants like Geisha, Jung Sik, Picholine, Eleven Madison Park, Daniel, Juni, and Contra in previous years, you might have tried his dishes already. Now you can experience his delicious food at Loza.

What You’ll Learn In Spanish Cuisine Cooking Class

Step into our kitchen and prepare to be amazed by the aromas of authentic Spanish spices and flavors. Every dish tells a story of tradition and passion, from the sizzle of Patatas Bravas to the sweetness of Crema Catalana.

Spain is most famous for its wine, olives, and olive oil, seafood dishes, and – tapas. After the class, you’ll be able to craft a medley of these dishes, each bursting with flavor and creativity. Discover the secrets behind iconic dishes such as Bacalao Fritters with Salsa Verde and Pan con Hongos drizzled with truffle mushroom fonduta. Imagine the satisfaction of mastering the intricate techniques behind Paella Mixta.

In our class you’ll find out that Spanish cuisine is influenced by the country’s location surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, but also by the many international destinations to which Spain once extended its influence. And that answers why Spanish cuisine uses Arabic ingredients such as rice, sugar cane, eggplant, almonds, and lemon. If this caught your interest, why not learn more?

So, are you feeling ready to roll up your sleeves and get cooking? We assure you that you’ll leave the Spanish Cuisine Cooking Class with newfound confidence and skills good enough to recreate Spanish traditional culinary delights in your kitchen. You’ll also bring home the most delicious recipes! Sounds great, right?

Here’s what our class generally covers, but we can customize it to your group preferences:

  • Introduction to Spanish cuisine
  • Mastering crema catalana
  • Essential knife skills:
    • Precision in cutting onions
    • Handling of peppers
    • Potato slicing
    • Cutting garlic
    • Cutting string beans
    • Mushrooms slicing techniques
    • Cutting bread slices
  • Creating flavorful fritters
  • Mastering truffle bechamel sauce
  • Perfecting aioli
  • Making salsa verde
  • Making paella
  • Assembling tapas
  • Caramelizing crema catalana

But wait, there’s more! Our Spanish Cuisine Cooking Class isn’t just about following a set schedule – we tailor the experience to suit your interests and preferences. Each participant brings their unique flair to the kitchen, which is why our class encourages exploration and experimentation. This is the opportunity that unleashes your creativity and makes this culinary adventure truly your own! You’ll get just what you need as a seasoned chef or a kitchen novice.

In our classes, you’ll have a chance to experience the core values LOZA is built upon – these are Hospitality, Authenticity, Creativity, Consistency, and Respect. Join us to see what we’re talking about!

This class aligns with our mission to bring a piece of the fusion of different cuisines to the New York City culinary scene. Exploring international cuisine helps in understanding diverse cultures. Food reflects rich histories and traditions deeply rooted in the countries and people they represent. By learning and tasting various culinary traditions, we explore global heritage and connect to different cultures and their unique stories. Joining our classes, you can explore French, Italian, or the culture of the Balkans.

You can choose if you will join the classes individually or with family, friends, or colleagues. Also, you can request a private class in your own space. Whatever you choose, we will provide all the finest ingredients and needed cooking tools – you should make sure to bring your curiosity and willingness to learn while having fun.


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Now you know that our Spanish Cuisine Cooking Class guarantees the creation of lasting memories, so don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of cooking with LOZA.

Reserve your spot now! We’ll make sure to provide you with a mixture of laughter, learning, and delectable treats! Acquire new skills along with the greatest recipes!

Do you want to elevate your culinary skills? Sign up now and let the Spanish culinary adventure begin!