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Explore Rich Culinary Heritage with a French Cooking Class at Loza

Join our French Cooking Class and experience the joy of learning the basics and getting tips and tricks from true food lovers at Loza! Hundreds of food enthusiasts have already tasted not only our delicious meals but also the magic of their preparation in various international cuisine classes. The credits for that go to our award-winning chef Zivko Radojcic and his dedicated and enthusiastic team.

Are you in love with cheese and French wine? Want to know what else makes French cuisine unique and recognizable all over the world? We will teach you some of the traditions and practices that date back to the 17th century in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Would you like to surprise your friends and family with a dish they’ve never tried before? Let us present the gastronomy that UNESCO added to its list of the world’s “intangible cultural heritage” in 2010.” It’s your turn to join our classes!

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Why should you book your French Cooking Class at Loza? The original meaning of “loza” [ˈlozə] is grapevine, signifying not just a plant, but a symbol of heritage and connection. And that is what also stands for French cuisine. In our class you’ll get more than just recipes, you’ll hear stories that every French dish carries with itself. Want to feel a connection to the past? Join us as we celebrate the art of cooking and the bonds that tie us to our culinary roots.

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French Cooking Classes with Chef Zivko

After moving to New York City in 2010, Loza’s chef and founder enjoyed working in several distinctive restaurants, such as Geisha, Jung Sik, Picholine, Eleven Madison Park, Daniel, Juni, and Contra. While he was learning from chefs with Michelin-star backgrounds on his gastronomic journey, he returned the favor by bringing European cultural heritage and its taste to their kitchens.

And now chef Zivko wants to share all his rich experience with you, revealing culinary secrets easily with no regret! What a privilege! So hurry up and join us to explore the French heritage together and get valuable culinary tips and tricks from our Chef!

It’s not only experience that makes Zivko a great chef, but his family heritage as well. He comes from a long line of professionals in the world of gastronomy, including his great aunt who was a pastry chef to the Yugoslavian President Josip Broz Tito.

The Skills You’ll Gain at French Cooking Class

Our interactive and entertaining classes, attended by numerous satisfied individuals, really do make a difference. Whether you are a seasoned chef or a kitchen novice, you’ll leave our kitchen with upgraded skills, knowledge, and readiness to create the magical tastes of France all by yourself! Let us guide you through the creation of timeless French classics and the cuisine that keeps inspiring people for centuries.

We’ll show you where the mystery and magic of French gastronomy lie. The thing is that even its basics, such as a perfect baguette, flaky pastry, and potatoes simmered in cream, are what make the meal astonishingly good! Well-known chefs say that the cuisine of France is delicious, accessible, and achievable, and we invite you to experience all these qualities. Master one of the most prestigious and respectable cuisines in the world by tasting different regions of France!

Even if French cooking techniques require patience, skill, and attention to detail, which can take years to master, our class is designed to give you exactly what it takes to be able to continue exploring the gastronomy that underpins many modern cuisines. Let us show you how simple fresh and natural ingredients, such as olive oil, and seasonal vegetables, can be completely transformed by artful techniques.

Are you ready to step in? Our experienced team led by Chef Zivko assures you that you’ll leave the French Cooking Class with newfound confidence and skills good enough to recreate French traditional or modern French culinary delights in your home. You’ll also get the most delicious recipes and valuable tips and tricks heard from a pro! Sounds interesting?

In our class, you’ll feel the flavors of Quiche Lorianne, a delicate pastry filled with rich and savory ingredients. You’ll experience the rustic charm of Coq au vin, a hearty chicken stew simmered in red wine with mushrooms, baby onions, lardons, and carrots. Then you’ll feel the delight of Chocolate Molten Cake, a dessert that combines the richness of chocolate with the allure of a warm, gooey center.

Join us for 2.5 hours of hands-on instruction, and then sit back with your fellow food enthusiasts to savor your creations during a delectable 1-hour sit-down meal.

Here’s what the French Cooking Class covers in general, but note that we can customize it to your or your group’s preferences:

  • Introduction to French Cuisine
  • Making pie dough
  • Essential knife skills:
    • Precision in cutting onions
    • Cutting garlic
    • Mushrooms slicing techniques
    • Grating cheese
    • Potato slicing
    • Cherry tomato slicing
  • Frying chicken
  • Cooking potato
  • Making coq au vin
  • Rolling the dough, shaping, baking a shell
  • Making filling for quiche
  • Finishing mashed potato
  • Making chocolate molten cake
  • Serving quiche
  • Serving main

And there’s more! In our French Cooking Class, we tailor the experience to suit your interests and preferences. Each participant brings their unique flair to the kitchen, which is why we encourage exploration and experimentation. We help you unleash your creativity and make this culinary adventure truly your own! 

In our classes, you’ll have a chance to experience the core values that Loza is built upon – these are Hospitality, Authenticity, Creativity, Consistency, and Respect. Join us to see what we’re talking about!

French Cooking Class, along with other classes, aligns with Loza’s mission to bring a fusion of different cuisines to the New York City culinary scene. Exploring international gastronomies helps to understand diverse cultures as food reflects rich histories and traditions deeply rooted in the countries and people they represent. By learning and tasting various culinary traditions, we explore global heritage and connect with different cultures and their unique stories. Joining our classes, you can explore Spanish, Italian, or Balkan culture.

You can join any of our classes individually or in a group – with friends, your colleagues, or children. Also, you can request a private class in your own home. Whatever your choice may be, we will provide all the finest ingredients and necessary cooking tools – you should make sure to bring your enthusiasm to learn and have fun.

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Now that you know that our French Cooking Class is what makes the difference and brings you new skills and valuable experience, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of cooking with Loza.

Join us and you will experience a mixture of laughter, learning, and delectable treats! Acquire new skills in a fun atmosphere!

Elevate your culinary skills! Sign up now and let the rich and colorful French culinary adventure begin! Don’t miss the opportunity to become part of our culinary legacy.

Bon appétit!