Pastry Class NYC Guided by the Expertise of Chef Zivko

Join our Pastry Class NYC and experience the joy of cooking with LOZA! Over 700 satisfied individuals have already savored our culinary adventures and learned baking basics from the award-winning chef with extensive professional background and knowledge. Now it’s your turn to join us!

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We guarantee a friendly and funny atmosphere, positive energy and set of tips and tricks you can use! At LOZA, we create an experience, not just a class. And let us tell you why!

Does the name Zivko Radojcic seem to be familiar? If yes, you might have seen him winning the competition in one of the episodes of the cooking television game show Chopped. What’s even more interesting? Chef Zivko’s family legacy in pastry spans generations. His aunt served as a pastry chef for Yugoslavian President Josip Broz Tito for over 20 years cooking for the president, first lady and their guests – other presidents, emperors and kings. You’ll be privileged to hear some funny family stories from the presidential kitchen while adopting great knowledge from the master chef and this is what brings an unforgettable experience to the course. This culinary expert gathered his skills under the guidance of chefs with Michelin star backgrounds.

This class is just one small part of our mission to bring a piece of the mixture of different cuisines to the New York City scene and give people a chance to discover an as yet undiscovered cuisine in the best possible way.

Learn to Cook from Scratch on LOZA’s Pastry Class NYC

If you have a passion for pastry making, welcome to LOZA’s Pastry Class in New York City. Here you’ll discover that we don’t just teach, we create an unforgettable culinary experience. With this fundamentals class you will discover baking basics and traditional recipes and learn how to cook from scratch with quality ingredients.

Cooking is more than just a skill. It’s an adventure of learning and having fun. From the moment you enter our kitchen, we’ll give you the excitement of exploring new flavors and techniques. During our interactive baking sessions, you’ll experience the essence of pastry making, from mastering the perfect bread and butter recipes to crafting delicate pate choux delights. Do you enjoy the smell of freshly baked bread rolls and the delicious taste of chocolate pastry cream? These are just a preview of what you’ll experience in our class.


What Skills You Will Bring Home from the Pastry Class NYC

In this interactive baking class, you’ll learn the basics of baking world-renowned pastry staples, from traditional bread and butter recipes that Chef Zivko’s grandma used to make to pate choux that the President Tito, who was seen as a true gourmet, used to eat.

The pastry class NYC covers a variety of baking techniques. Surprise your loved ones by learning how to knead the bread. You’ll discover how to shape and use the same recipe for a few different things, cook a pastry cream, make and roll a shell for the perfect fruit tart, and master cream puffs with a crunchy top.

Here’s what our class covers in general:

  • Introduction to steak as the world’s culinary treasure
  • Dough preparation: portioning the dough
  • Garlic butter preparation
  • Cheese filling creation
  • Tart dough making
  • Pate choux dough preparation and baking
  • Pastry cream making
  • Chocolate pastry cream preparation
  • Bread roll rolling and baking
  • Bread shaping and baking
  • Pate choux filling
  • Fruit tart assembly

You should know that this is just the beginning! Rely on our professionalism and experience the classes that are flexible enough to cater to your and your group’s interests and preferences. With us, you’ll have the opportunity to learn exactly what you want and need.

Now you know that we cover a wide array of baking techniques, ensuring you leave the class with a comprehensive understanding of pastry art and a ton of recipes. From kneading dough to assembling fruit tarts, every step is an opportunity to refine your skills and expand your culinary knowledge.

In our classes, you’ll experience all the core values LOZA is built upon – Hospitality, Authenticity, Creativity, Consistency, and Respect. Join us and see for yourself!

Hiring a Personal Chef in NYC

You can enroll in our classes individually, with your family, friends, or colleagues, or you can request a private class in your own home. In any case, we will ensure to provide all the finest ingredients and cooking tools – all you need to bring is your curiosity and willingness to learn.

After finishing any of these classes, you’re welcome to be part of our vision. We aim to make our customers happy with tasty meals and give them an exceptional dining experience while also benefiting our community and environment. Book now for an unforgettable culinary adventure!

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Come along for a rewarding culinary experience, whether you’re new to baking or a seasoned enthusiast. Our Pastry Class NYC guarantees to create lasting memories, so don’t pass up the opportunity to improve your baking skills and enjoy the pleasure of cooking with LOZA.

Take the step and reserve your spot! Experience a mixture of laughter, learning, and delectable treats! Bring home new skills and delicious memories. Your family and friends will be more than happy!

Do you want to take your culinary skills to the next level? Gain invaluable insights, learn all the secrets, and get tips from a pro! Let Chef Zivko share all his valuable experience with you and book now for an unforgettable culinary journey. Don’t miss this opportunity!