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Join our renowned Italian Cooking Classes to feel the flavors of Italy in the heart of New York! Hundreds of satisfied participants have already experienced the joy of learning the Italian cooking basics from a dedicated and experienced team of Loza, led by award-winning chef Zivko Radojcic. Visit us and see for yourself why our international cuisine classes make a difference!

Do you feel like Italian cuisine has successfully colonized the rest of the world? Don’t you think that Italian food such as pizza, spaghetti, or gelato is loved around the globe? What’s interesting is the fact that Italian cuisine is not limited only to these. On the contrary, it’s so diverse that each of the twenty Italian regions has a distinctive set of flavors, recipes, products, and ingredients. Want to hear more? Join us as we walk you through the Northern regions with its creamy risotto, the sunny South with its bright olive oil and tomato sauce, Tuscany with Florentine beef steaks, or the city of Alba and surrounding areas of the Piedmont region with its expensive truffle mushrooms. Do we have your attention? Don’t miss out on learning more!

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Why should you book an Italian Cooking Class in New York now? In our interactive and entertaining classes, you’ll be able to watch the preparation of Italian classics and get tips and tricks that are usually considered culinary secrets. Apart from the upgraded skills and new knowledge, you’ll bring home delicious Italian recipes you can test in your kitchen and amaze your guests and family. And there’s no pressure, you’ll get all of that in a friendly atmosphere while having a lot of fun listening to jokes and anecdotes from the 15-year experience with the chef.

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Italian Cooking Class in New York with Chef Zivko

With rich culinary experience, the founder of Loza Zivko Radojcic has been collecting all the best from Michelin-starred kitchens across NYC. His traditional background, dedication to innovation, and passion for authentic Italian cuisine ensure an unforgettable culinary experience.

Chef Zivko was born in Belgrade, Serbia, where he was influenced by Mediterranean and Balkan roots. And what has shaped Italian cuisine is access to both the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas. All that experience Zivko brought to New York in 2010 where he continued learning and developing his creativity.

All his experience and dedication have brought him a reward – Chef Zivko won a competition in one of the episodes of the cooking television game show Chopped. It’s not only experience that makes Zivko a great chef, but his family heritage as well. He was privileged to learn from his great aunt who was a pastry chef to the Yugoslavian President Josip Broz Tito.

What Our Italian Cooking Class in New York Offers You

All cooking classes organized by Loza are interactive and entertaining which keeps former participants coming for more over and over again. The classes are a good choice regardless of your cooking experience as we tailor those to the group. So, whether you are a seasoned chef or a kitchen novice, we promise you’ll leave our class satisfied, with improved skills and wider knowledge. Let us guide you through the creation of the Italian dishes and the cuisine that in some forms and variants spread to the whole world.

In our class, you’ll hear that access to two seas made fresh seafood dominant, though varied, throughout the Apennine Peninsula. Are you in love with wine, Italian pizza, cured meat, and handcrafted cheese such as parmesan? You probably know that these can be found throughout Italy, but what you might not know is that the style and flavor of these delicacies vary greatly according to region.

Are you the kind of person who cannot start a day without a cup of coffee? Then you’ll fit in with Italians who appreciate the coffee and take their coffee rituals seriously. While espresso is the most popular choice, Italians also enjoy cappuccinos in the morning, but never after a meal. Italian coffee culture is all about enjoying the company of friends and family.

Interested in hearing more fun facts about Italian cuisine? Join us and you’ll have a ton of them! A team of Loza led by Chef Zivko promises that you’ll leave the Italian Cooking Class more skilled and ready to prepare delicious Italian dishes in your kitchen. You’ll also get the most delicious recipes and valuable tips and tricks heard from a pro!

From savory Cavatelli with pesto alla Genovese to succulent Chicken saltimbocca, each recipe is a testament to Chef Zivko’s passion and expertise. A lot of reasons for you to not wait a second! Join us now for 2.5 hours of hands-on cooking instruction, and then sit back with your fellow food enthusiasts to savor all of our creations during a delectable 1-hour sit-down Italian meal.

Here’s what the Italian Cooking Class in New York covers in general, but note that we can customize it to your or your group’s preferences:

  • Introduction to Italian Cuisine 
  • Making pasta dough
  • Making mascarpone mousse
  • Making coffee sauce
  • Assembling dessert
  • Essential knife skills:
    • Precision in cutting onions
    • Cutting peppers
    • Cutting garlic
    • Cutting sausage
  • Cooking polenta
  • Cooking sauce
  • Making pesto
  • Making cavatelli
  • Rolling chicken
  • Pan-searing chicken
  • Finishing and assembling the appetizer
  • Serving entrée
  • Serving dessert

Furthermore, we customize our classes to match your specific tastes and inclinations. We empower you to express your ingenuity and transform this gastronomic adventure into an authentic reflection of your culinary identity!

Finally, In our classes, you’ll have a chance to experience the core values that Loza is built upon – these are Hospitality, Authenticity, Creativity, Consistency, and Respect. Join us and check it out for yourself!

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Italian Cooking Class, along with other classes, aligns with Loza’s mission to bring a fusion of different cuisines to the New York City culinary scene. Exploring international gastronomy helps to understand diverse cultures as food reflects rich histories and traditions deeply rooted in the countries and people they represent. By learning and tasting various culinary traditions, we explore global heritage and connect with different cultures and their unique stories. Joining our classes, you can explore Spanish, French, or Balkan culture.

We invite you to join our classes individually or as a group – with friends, colleagues, or children. Also, you can request a private class in your home. Just ask and we’ll respond! Whatever your choice may be, you should not worry about anything else but bring enthusiasm to learn and have fun, as we provide all the finest ingredients and necessary cooking tools.

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