The Best Sushi Making Class in New York Offered by Loza

Join the best sushi making class in New York! It is offered at Loza, the restaurant led by an award-winning chef Zivko Radojcic with a strong family heritage that revolves around a passion-driven pursuit for gourmet food. At our classes, you’ll feel the enthusiasm that is passed down from one generation to the next. Join hundreds of satisfied sushi enthusiasts who have already learned the basics of the sushi craft. It is your turn to leverage your culinary skills and join the adventure with our skilled and enthusiastic team!

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Are you a sushi lover who never dared to try to make it by yourself, thinking it would be too complicated? Or did you try, but the result was not satisfactory enough? With classes at Loza, you can change the outcome of both scenarios. After taking an interactive class with our professionals, you’ll be able to surprise your loved ones by crafting one of the most popular Japanese dishes in your own kitchen with ease and confidence. Not only will you be able to make it, but it will taste just like you ordered it from a sushi bar. If we caught your attention, let us tell you more!

If you join our sushi making class in New York, you will not need to buy sushi anymore. The class will also answer common questions that sushi lovers have, such as what types of this dish are there, whether sushi is always related to a bite-sized roll? You’ll learn all the differences and similarities between nigiri, sashimi, maki, uramaki, temaki, chirashi and hako. And how to choose the right type of sushi fish? Is it tuna, salmon, or yellowtail?

Our cooking classes are designed to carry over the knowledge and skills to you while enjoying a fun and pleasant atmosphere. It’s so amusing that many of our participants often come back for more. One of the main reasons they are so satisfied is the expertise and energy of our chef Zivko who’s always ready to share his valuable cooking tips and tricks. This restaurateur comes from a long line of professionals in the world of gastronomy and has 15 years of experience working at various Michelin-star awarded kitchens in New York City and he’s more than happy to share his valuable experience with you! So join the best sushi making class in New York and take advantage of this tremendous opportunity!

Let’s Explore Sushi's Historic Journey Together

There is no doubt that sushi is one of the most popular international dishes. It’s also said that it is the most famous Japanese dish outside of Japan, and one of the most chosen dishes among the Japanese. But what’s not widely known is the fact that traditional sushi actually originates from ancient China. The earliest form of sushi dates back to the 2nd century AD, when fish was preserved with fermented rice. This method eventually made its way to China. Around the 8th century AD, sushi traveled to Japan and underwent further development, incorporating Japanese flavors and techniques.

In the 1820s, a man called Yohei Hamaya introduced a swift method of sushi preparation in Edo (now Tokyo) by adding rice vinegar and salt to freshly cooked rice, paired with slices of pristine raw fish. This innovation, known as nigiri sushi, quickly gained popularity as a convenient and affordable form of fast food in the bustling city. That’s how sushi, as we know it today, was born.

But why, how, and when did it conquer the United States and the whole world? How did we get to the meal usually served with pickled ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce? Let us not reveal all the fun facts here – we should save some for the class.

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What the Best Sushi Making Class in New York Offers

Why should you choose the cooking classes at Loza? With us and our experienced team you’ll master the art of making the ideal sushi. Be sure that our hands-on class will equip you with the essential skills to create delectable sushi rolls from scratch. What should you expect?

Our classes offer more than just instruction. From classic favorites like the Philadelphia roll to tantalizing options like the spicy tuna and shrimp tempura roll, we’ll show you a diverse array of sushi creations to satisfy your curiosity. Plus, we will not miss delightful Matcha cookies dessert to round off this culinary experience. And you’ll get all the tasteful sushi recipes for the best homemade sushi!

With 2.5 hours of expert instruction followed by a 1-hour sit-down meal, this class promises an unforgettable journey into the art of sushi making. Join us and discover the joy of creating sushi like a pro!

See what our sushi making class in New York covers in general, but note that any of our classes can be customized based on your and needs of your group:

  • Introduction to a sushi phenomenon 
  • Needed ingredients
  • Cooking rice and dashi (base for miso soup)
  • Knife skills
    • Cutting avocado
    • Cutting scallions
    • Cutting tuna
    • Cutting cucumber
  • Seasoning spicy tuna
  • Seasoning rice
  • Making cookies
  • Frying shrimp
  • Demonstration of sushi rolls
  • Making your own roll
  • Finishing miso soup
  • Sitting and eating time

You can join our classes regardless of the level of your knowledge and experience. This will be a perfect fit for you whether you’re a sushi enthusiast or a novice in the craft, as we tailor the class to your and your group’s interests and preferences. Be sure that you’ll be able to serve up tasty sushi as your own masterpiece.

Choose if you want to attend our classes individually or with your friends, family or colleagues. In any case, you’ll get a chance to experience all the core values LOZA is built upon – Hospitality, Authenticity, Creativity, Consistency, and Respect. Join us and see for yourself!


Our classes really make the difference so most of our participants usually come back to learn more. After you master making sushi, you can continue elevating your cooking skills by learning how to cook the perfect steak, pasta or make pastry. However, if you are a fan of a certain national cuisine, you can join our Spanish, French, Italian or Balkan cuisine cooking classes.


Learn Cooking at Loza

With expert guidance at Loza, you’ll tackle each step with confidence – from preparing sushi rice and dashi to mastering the art of rolling. Impress your guests and family with making perfect sushi at home after attending our hands-on sushi making class in New York!

Don’t miss out, join us! We’ll be happy to host you and offer an adventure that promises satisfaction in every bite. Come and elevate your sushi-making skills!