Learn how to make some of the traditional Spanish staples! Few different tapas, paella and crema catalana.


Patatas bravas
Smoked paprika, aioli

Bacalao fritters, salsa Verde
Cod croquet, olives-parsley sauce

Pan con hongos
Toasted bread with truffle mushroom fonduta


Paella Mixta
Bomba rice, saffran tomato broth, chorizo, chicken, shrimp, mussels

Crema Catalana

Schedule and what to expect

  1. Introduction
  2. Crema catalana
  3. Knife skills
    • Cut onion
    • Cut peppers
    • Cut potato
    • Cut garlic
    • Cut string beans
    • Cut mushrooms
    • Cut bread
  4. Make fritters
  5. Make truffle bechamel
  6. Finish aioli
  7. Make salsa verde
  8. Make paella
  9. Assemble tapas
  10. Caramelize crema catalana