Pastry Fundamentals

Learn baking basics from culinary experts in this hands-on baking class. Chef Zivko’s aunt was a pastry chef for the Josip Broz Tito (President of Yugoslavia) for over 20 years. Get some funny family stories and great knowledge from the master.

In this interactive baking class, you’ll learn the basics of baking world-renowned pastry staples, from traditional bread and butter recipes that his grandma used to make to pate choux that the president used to eat. Once the class is over, you can eat freshly baked treats.

This class covers a variety of baking techniques. You’ll learn how to knead the bread, shape and use the same recipe for a few different things, cook a pastry cream, make and roll a shell for the perfect fruit tart, and master cream puffs with a crunchy top.

Bread and butter
Egg, yeast, flour, butter

Bread rolls
Cheese filling, Nutella

Pate choux (Cream puffs)
Chocolate pastry cream

Fruit tart
Vanilla pastry cream, fruit

Schedule and what to expect

  1. Introduction
  2. Make a dough / portion the dough
  3. Make garlic butter
  4. Make cheese filling
  5. Make tart dough
  6. Make pate choux dough | bake it
  7. Make pastry cream
  8. Make chocolate pastry cream
  9. Roll out bread rolls | bake it
  10. Shape and bake the bread
  11. Fill out pate choux
  12. Assemble fruit tart