Visit Italy Today!

Join us for a tasty trip where we’ll enjoy a delicious tour of homemade Italian favorites. You don’t have to fly across the globe to get the fresh taste of homemade Italian cuisine.

  1. Cavatelli with pesto alla genovese
  2. Chicken saltimbocca (rolled with sage and prosciutto)
  3. Polenta a la Tavola
  4. Mascarpone mousse with coffee sauce

2.5 hours of cooking instruction followed by a 1-hour sit-down meal.

Schedule and what to expect

  1. Introduction
  2. Make pasta dough
  3. Make mascarpone mousse
  4. Make coffee sauce
  5. Assembling dessert
  6. Knife skills
    • Cut onion
    • Cut peppers
    • Cut garlic
    • Cut sausage
  7. Cook polenta
  8. Cook sauce
  9. Make pesto
  10. Make cavatelli
  11. Roll chicken
  12. Pan searing chicken
  13. Finishing and assembling the appetizer
  14. Serving entrée
  15. Serving dessert