Best Private Chef in New York City

When discussing the best private chefs in New York City, the pool comprises over 800 individuals. To refine our selection and identify „crème de la crème“, Chef Zivko consistently earns a spot on every list. What sets Zivko apart from the other chefs? In this text, we will try to answer this question. 

Who is Chef Zivko?

Zivko was born in Belgrade, Serbia, into a family with a rich gastronomic heritage, which includes his great aunt who was a pastry chef for Josip Broz Tito, the first president of former Yugoslavia. In pursuit of advancing his culinary expertise, Zivko relocated to NYC in 2010. Here, he honed his culinary abilities under the guidance of chefs with Michelin-star backgrounds. Since 2010, Zivko has garnered experience working in several distinguished restaurants, including Geisha, Jung Sik, Picholine, Eleven Madison Park, Daniel, Juni, and Contra.

Award-winning chef

One of the best private chefs in NYC, Chef Zivko emerged victorious in Episode 17 of Season 46 of the “Chopped” private chef competition—a culinary showdown renowned for its emphasis on skill, speed, and ingenuity. In each episode, four chefs engage in a fierce battle before a panel of expert judges, transforming mystery ingredients from baskets into extraordinary meals.

In 2019, Zivko received an invitation from the show’s producers, and given his familiarity with the program, he willingly accepted the challenge. Despite acknowledging the intense pressure, Zivko noted that all chefs were accustomed to such conditions. The objective of the show was to create the best possible dish using the provided groceries. Zivko secured victory in the episode featuring Syrian ice cream as one of the ingredients, leveraging its lime flavor to craft a chicken marinade—an exceptional culinary maneuver!

What distinguishes Zivko from other private chefs?

Zivko and his Loza team present a distinctive array of flavors inspired by their culinary expertise. The name “Loza” derives from the Serbian word for grapevine, carrying a dual significance, and also representing family lineage. Given Zivko’s heritage, the choice of this word becomes symbolic, serving as his homage to his roots and embodying the essence of his culinary pursuits and family legacy.

The team excels in crafting diverse dishes influenced by global cuisines, including Italy, Spain, France, the Balkans, and Japan. Notably, their expertise extends to pastries, a specialty Zivko cultivated under the guidance of his aunt, a renowned pastry chef post-WWII.

Zivko and his team cater to an array of private events, including dinner parties, celebrations of various kinds, family gatherings, romantic dinners, and more. Their culinary offerings reflect a blend of skill, heritage, and a passion for creating memorable dining experiences. They can cover locations such as NYC, Connecticut, New Jersey, Hamptons, and surrounding areas.

Private Events Organization 

The Loza team has successfully hosted more than 350 events in the last couple of years. Zivko and his team provide a personalized menu for virtually any occasion and handle all aspects, including professional flower arrangements, decorations, table setup, and more. A team of fully dedicated professionals will take care of every single detail, so an extraordinary experience is guaranteed.

Loza recognizes the significance of delivering distinctive flavors and unique cuisine to clients or business partners, consistently striving to achieve this objective at its best.


Cooking classes 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if a renowned private chef revealed his culinary secrets to you? Wonder no more! Chef Zivko has got you covered. With over 1,300 participants, more than 150 organized cooking classes, and 50 registered 5-star reviews, Chef Zivko extends his expertise to all, whether you’re a beginner or seeking to enhance your culinary skills. He is dedicated to imparting his knowledge to you to the best of his ability!


Work with an award-winning chef

Our private chef Zivko Radojcic is an Award-winning chef with extensive professional background & knowledge. He will create an exquisite menu tailored to your exact preferences using fresh and seasonal ingredients from local farms. His execution delivers bold flavors into your plate that you will get to experience after the first bite.


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