Personal Chef – A New Trend in New York Fine Dining

In New York City, tables at the top dining restaurants are fully booked during the whole year, despite the fact that the prices can be compared to plane tickets for Paris. Fine dining is an experience that many New Yorkers are keen on exploring, yet just some can afford it.

What if we told you that you don’t need to sell an NFT, or charm a Shark Tank shark to experience a five course meal and exclusive wine, prepared by a personal chef? And all of this, in the heart of New York City.

Ladies and gents, we present you a new trend in New York fine dining – an intimate pop-up dining experience with a personal chef!

Personal chef’s dining event

What’s on a personal chef’s menu?

Loza’s personal chef creates a custom menu for each event, and that is something that adds on the event’s exclusivity. The concept is focused on bringing traditional dishes from the Balkan and Mediterranean Region into the modern New York City’s culinary scene.

No matter if the guests are vegetarians, or meat lovers — there will surely be a meal for everybody. And the desert speaks for itself. 

How tasty does this menu sound?

Artichokes salad

Organic soft poached egg

Roasted monkfish 

Prosciutto wrapped pork tenderloin

“Jaffa” cake


Artichokes salad

…or this one?

Seafood salad

Lobster risotto 

Oven roasted branzino

Pan seared halibut

Molten lava cake

Oven roasted branzino
Seafood risotto

Why are personal chefs popular among trendsetters?

No matter how exclusive a restaurant is, or how unique food does the menu offer, it can’t replace a personal chef. At a private dining event, food is prepared at the venue, customized to the guests, prepared with the fresh, seasonal ingredients. 

Each menu is created carefully, with an aim to combine both familiar and unexpected flavors.

The seating is limited, the venue is elegant, comfortable…trendy.

An event hosted by a personal chef is suitable for various occasions: from romantic dates, birthday celebrations, graduations…to just a nice night out with friends and/or family.

Although these events are pretty hard to reserve, their cost is very affordable. For example, the cost of a five-course private dinner hosted by Loza’s personal chef is similar to what you’ll pay for a starter meaL at a Manhattan’s restaurant. 

Fine dining at your own home

What about serving your guests delicatesse prepared by a personal chef, at the comfort of your home? Just imagine having warm artichokes salad, grass-fed ribeye, sous vide prosciutto wrapped pork tenderloin, and white chocolate – mascarpone mousse served for your guests next time they come for a visit?

A personal chef can prepare all of those (…and many other) specialities that just need to be served at your dining table. 

Cooking boxes have often transported a piece of restaurant feeling at home, especially during the quarantine. However, a personal chef can bring the whole fine dining experience to your home, or a venue of your choice. 

Personal chefs in New York City

Food lovers have a variety of options in New York City. From Michelin star restaurants, to small dining venues — something for every foodie. However, personal chef’s events are becoming the new trend, something that you need to experience in the Big Apple.

But, how to find the right event that will suit your preferences? 

We recommend you to check Loza private dinners, hosted by the personal chef Zivko Radojcic, and book a seat today. No, don’t just read about the experience, find out by yourself why personal chefs are the next big thing in fine dining. 


Work with an award-winning chef

Our private chef Zivko Radojcic is an Award-winning chef with extensive professional background & knowledge. He will create an exquisite menu tailored to your exact preferences using fresh and seasonal ingredients from local farms. His execution delivers bold flavors into your plate that you will get to experience after the first bite.


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